Taking Neighborhood Drives Helps Buyers Assess Potential Homes

During this process, we encourage the buyer to drive past the homes that look most interesting to them on their Client Gateway if they have spare time on their own.  Many properties can be eliminated just by driving through the neighborhood or past the house.  Remember, Listing Agents aim to get as many prospects in the door of their listings so if they are any good at their jobs, they are not showing less desirable aspects of their listing in the online photos or mentioning the potential deal breakers in the property description.  (ie…they are not showing pictures of the train tracks that run through the back yard or the neighbors front yard with three jalopies up on blocks in it).

The more homes that we can eliminate right off the bat, the more quality time we can spend together inside the homes that have true potential when we get together for private property tours.  This will save the buyer lots of time and aggravation and serves to help the buyer identify their favorite neighborhoods and streets so that they can ask their agent to pay close attention to anything coming up in a certain neighborhood or on a certain street.  This is when the house hunt really starts to hone in on the best properties and real progress is made fast.