Setting up the Home Buyer Portal (Client Gateway)

Now that we have your initial home criteria, we will setup our interactive web-based Buyer Portal that we refer to as the Client Gateway.  This is a personalized website that we configure with your specific criteria which hooks directly into the MLS so that you are notified immediately whenever a new property that meets your criteria comes on the market, or when a property that was listed previously at a price point outside of your criteria makes a price reduction that drops it into your price criteria.  This way, you see the property as soon as any other agent sees it and this allows us to act immediately if need be.

This becomes our main tool of research and communication during the property search portion of the process.  The tool allows you to organize your potential properties and weed out the rest.  When its time to schedule private tours of the homes that interest you most, the agent will be able to look at your Gateway and quickly see which homes you want to see, as well as see comments on the homes classified as “Dislikes” to get a better understanding of what types of properties or features are turn-offs so that they are sure not to waste any of your time by taking you to the homes we know will not be a good fit.

This is very much a team effort between the buyer(s) and the agent helping them, and the better the feedback the buyer gives in their Gateway or otherwise, the more effective the agent will be at identifying great options for them when they hear of properties not yet listed or see properties during the course of their day that for one reason or another are not showing up in the Gateway but could still be good candidates.