Due Diligence Period – Complete a Termite Inspection

In Atlanta, as well as anywhere in Georgia, every house has termites living in the dirt.  The question is, are they eating and infesting the home you are about to buy?  For this reason, we always recommend that the buyer have a termite inspector inspect the house for termite damage and active termite infestation.

Many sellers will maintain an annual termite bond which includes treatments throughout the year as well as guarantees that the home will not have termite infestation or they will retreat the areas and resolve the issue for free.  Most of these bonds are transferable to the next buyer and this is often included as a special stipulation in our contracts that a 1 year termite retreat and repair bond be purchased or transferred to the buy at closing at no cost to the buyer.  If that is not agreed to, we advise that the buyer have an inspection and purchase a termite bond for themselves.