Due Diligence Period – Complete a Stucco Inspection

Not all homes in the Atlanta Real Estate Market have stucco siding, but those that do may have one of two kinds of stucco.

Hard Coat Stucco is the better type of stucco siding and is like a concrete material applied to the exterior of the home.  There are less problems with hard coat stucco than with its evil twin brother called Synthetic Stucco.  Long story short, there have been many class action lawsuits against synthetic stucco siding manufacturers and installers in Atlanta over the years which has made this a hot button issue.

Essentially this type of siding which looks like hard coat stucco was never meant to be used as an exterior on homes and it was frequently installed incorrectly which resulted in moisture issues that can destroy a home from the inside out and cause termite issues as well.  The repairs can be costly and many relocation companies will not offer a potential buy-out package in the case of relocation to their sellers down the road.  The result is that buyers who are relocating with their companies will not go near a house with any sort of stucco on and this limits the resale value of a home with stucco in some areas of Atlanta because it limits the number of potential buyers who will consider stucco.

If you do buy a stucco home and there is any indication that there may be an issue with the installation or type of stucco on the house, we recommend that a certified stucco inspector be hired to evaluate the condition of the siding to make sure that you will not have issues down the road.  Your agent will advise you on this if it becomes an issue.