Due Diligence Period – Agent Schedules Closing

During this due diligence period, your agent will work with you and the seller and their agent to come up with a convenient time for everyone to meet at the closing attorney’s office on the day of closing, and reserve that time with the closing attorney.  Your agent will also order the Title Work from the attorneys so that they can pull title to the property to ensure that there are no outstanding liens or encumbrances on the title to the property.

In Atlanta Real Estate, the closing attorney represents the buyer’s lender (not the buyer or the seller).  It is their job to ensure that the title is clear of liens and claims and ensure that the seller actually owns this piece of property.  They also contact the Home Owners Association and Tax Assessor’s offices to get the official taxes owed and HOA dues, fees, assessments etc owed on that property to be accounted for at closing.

They will order the Title Insurance Policy for the Lender and the Buyer (if the buyer elects to purchase and Owner’s Title Insurance Policy) and they conduct the closing to make sure that all Mortgage and legal paperwork is completed properly.  Your agent will be in communication with them and will be notified if there are any issues with the title or anything else that we need to be made aware of.