The $1000 Real Estate Flyer

Waste_moneyThat Color Flyer that is getting wet and wrinkled in the flyer box is costing you thousands of dollars…Is it worth it?
Have you ever asked a real estate agent, who is charging you 6% of your home’s value for their service, just how much this magnificent flyer service costs by itself?  For instance, what if I didn’t want you to put flyers in my yard or home?  How much would you take off of your commission if you didn’t have to go to all the effort and expense of the these life-changing flyers?  $50? $100? $1000?
Here’s the thing, there are dozens of tactics that real estate agents have been using for decades that either never worked at all, or stopped working long ago.  So why would they continue to do them?  One reason…to justify their commissions.
Even if an agent was willing to say, fine, I’ll cut some money off of the commission if you don’t want flyers, how much are they cutting off?  On a $400,000 house, a listing agent makes 3% or $12,000.  Where is that $12k going?  Wouldn’t you like to have a little control over where your marketing dollars are being spent?  Or better yet, wouldn’t you like to keep some of that money in your pocket rather than pay for unnecessary an ineffective services?
Oh, I’d take a stack and put them in the house too in a nice little presentation stand on the dining room table with a sign asking agents to leave their business cards after showing the home.  Funny thing is, I haven’t had a client ask me to print them a flyer once in that 7 years.
Flyers are just one of dozens of useless marketing tactics that traditional agents spend their clients’ money on when selling their homes.  Terrace 24 Realty gives its sellers the option of paying a flat fee for flyers and all of the other useless, out-of-date marketing tactics that the traditional agents out there offer.  We are outspoken with our clients about not paying for the services that we don’t believe they need but we still offer them because there is always a true believer out there who will tell us that the Flyer, the Open House or the Virtual Tour was what closed the deal for them when they were house hunting, and who are we to disappoint them?